Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Kat Von D Studded Kiss Lipstick in Coven : Review and Swatches

Miss me? Yup, I took off on vacation and had myself a spell of not having to worry about the blog. Not that the break kept me from buying makeup. Far from it, my friend. I bought a ton of stuff, and I plan on flooding the blog with everything.  And I do mean everything!

Coven is a light, grey toned lavender lipstick with a matte finish. This baby is smooth and opaque! I really enjoy shades that are like this, mostly because I really love the way a purple lipstick looks with my skin tone, but the grey tone here gives it an unexpected twist. Well, more unexpected than a purple lipstick in general ;)

Coven wore well for several hours on myself, and it is so comfortable that I actually forgot I was wearing it. My lips didn't get overly dry, and since it is a matte finish, I didn't have to worry about touch ups. Now, I didn't quite hit the 10 hour mark, but I did get at least 8 hours of wear out of Coven. It wasn't -perfect- by the 8 hour mark, but you still had plenty of beautiful color. This one even looks nice when you sheer it out, which you can do by applying it over a lip balm.

Overall, I really love this lipstick. Probably more than my MAC lipstick in the Retro Matte formula. I might not wear it as much as I wear Dodgy Girl, but I really think this is a winner! I did like it a bit better with a bit of NYX's Purple Rain around the edge to help break it up a bit, to keep from washing my face out (not pictured as so)

I picked mine up at my JCP Sephora for $21.00 the other day, and I happened to get the very first pick! They had just taken them out of the box in the store and I got to pick up Coven before anyone else :)

I think I will have Pokemon syndrome with this line... I need to catch them all!

Thanks for reading!
Xo's -Sharon

What I am wearing :
MAC Mineralize Moisture SPF15 Foundation in NW13
MAC Bred For Beauty Blush
Shiro Cosmetics Epona on the lid
LORAC Front of the Line Liquid Eyeliner
L'Oreal Miss Manga mascara
Jane Cosmetics Water-Resistant Eyeliner in Black on waterline
Anastasia Brow Gel in Auburn

Saturday, June 14, 2014

I am in love with MAC's Kelly Osbourne Lipsticks

Hello everyone! I hope you are all enjoying your summer thus far! I have had lots of fun playing with fun summer shades, especially the lighter, milky shades that we have in the Kelly Osbourne collection. Now, I have been all about bright, in your face neons lately... but it took me a second ( okay a few days ) to play with these before I really started to like how they looked.
Well, the lipstick applied anyways. The packaging looks awesome. I mean, just look at it.

I found that they looked best once you had blusher and some darker eyes on, personally. Without something else on makeup wise, I looked a little dead. But once that's taken care of, that's when the magic happens.
Riot House
Riot House is a creamsicle orange matte shade. Very creamy, and can be unforgiving. Prep your lips before hand! I found that if I applied it lightly over lip balm, I could make it a tad more wearable with minimal effort by just sheering it out a bit. This is a my second favorite shade in this collection.

Kelly Yum Yum
Kelly Yum Yum is a bright cool toned pink satin lipstick. This one stains! You will have pink lips for a few days unless you prep beforehand with a primer, or work hard with remover afterwards. Kelly Yum Yum is a smidgen warmer that Candy Yum Yum, which is a favorite of mine!

Dodgy Girl
Just love. This shade is right up my alley, and I can't say enough things to express my love for it. Matte lavender lipstick, with pink tones. It does leave a little stain behind, which happens to be hot pink! Weird, huh? It did affect the color over time, so I ordered NYX Purple Rain lipliner to pair with it, I'm hoping it will prevent the pink from changing the purpleness.

Strip Poker
Strip Poker is a beige nude that is slightly warm. I think I looked better with Riot House, but overall this is a nice nude. I'll be pairing this with something similar to MAC Stone liner ( or 1000 Nights from NYX) to change this up.

Overall :

Like I said, it takes a bit of extra makeup to pull some of these off. You can also add some liners to help Strip Poker and Riot House look a little less harsh against your skin tone. Those two are the harder shades to wear here. Dodgy Girl is pure love, and I hope that this shade becomes permanent or something, because I adore it. It's matte, it's lavender. It's what I have been waiting for.  They are all creamy, and easy to apply. They don't dry out the lips, but they might just be too creamy for some people's tastes. Prime for these, because like I said, they can be unforgiving!

I picked mine up from the MAC website for $17.50, but you can also  purchase from Nordstroms, Macy's, and counters. I'm hoping they restock soon!

Do you love any of these?

Thanks for reading!
Xo's -Sharon

All products were purchased by me, all opinions are my own.

Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Still feeling like a mermaid! Alluring Aquatics Lipstick, eyeshadow, blush in action

Not super exciting, but I have been loving the heck out of Pet Me, Please from the Alluring Aquatics collection. And the blush. And the shadows. What can I say? I feel a bit like a glamourous mermaid while putting them on! Not sure if it's the ocean-ish theme, or the sheen that the looks give. But They have been getting lots of love!

Plus I just got a little goofy while playing with the camera. You all know how that goes! How many serious faces can I take in a row?!?

Ohh Myyy...

Lipstick : Pet Me, Please from MAC
Eye shadows : Silver Sun, Sea Worship, and Legendary Lure by MAC
Eyelashes : L'Oreal Miss Manga mascara
Eyeliner : Jane eyeliner in Brown
Foundation : Lucy Minerals Foundation in Original
Blush : Sea Me, Hear Me by MAC
Nails : Smitten Polish in Radiant Orchid

Monday, May 26, 2014

NYX Macaron Lipsticks : Pictures, Review, and Swatches

Fun and bright? Check. Bold colors? Check.  These are some bold lipsticks, that is for sure. And not for the meek. It will take some guts to wear these, but you know what? That's half the fun! These Macaron lipsticks are creamy and bright, lightly moisturizing, and affordable!

Orange Blossom showing off it's packaging
I picked up 6 shades : Black Sesame, Violet, Orange Blossom, Earl Grey, Blue Velvet, and Lavender.

The packaging is plastic, but the cool thing is that you can see the actual shade of lipstick through it, and know exactly what color you will be getting. Now the not so great part is that the lipstick does -not- stay in place once you twist it up! It will go back down under it's own weight, and it made application a little more than annoying. 5 of my lipsticks did this.


 I just set it down and then down it goes. Ugh. Frustrating, but at least it wasn't an expensive purchase.

 But now for the part you are really here for - SWATCHES!

Blue Velvet, Violet, Earl Grey, Lavender, Black Sesame, Orange Blossom

Blue Velvet
Blue Velvet


Earl Grey
Earl Grey

Black Sesame
Black Sesame


Orange Blossom
Orange Blossom

 These have a very creamy, slippery texture that glided on easily but doesn’t quite apply evenly. You might want to exfoliate ahead of time just because they look best over smooth lips. The fun colors tend to accentuate any dead skin. They can move a bit on the lips, but that goes with the creamy texture of the lipstick. For the price, these are a great deal.

These -do- apply better on the lips once you have primed them, I tested them over Too Faced Lip Insurance myself. Nice, smooth, and even. You might be able to get away with a lip pencil as well, I would recommend a clear one.

I picked mine up at NYX cosmetics' website for $6 a tube.

Do you have your eye on any of the Macaron shades? I love Lavender, Violet, and Black Sesame.

Thanks for reading!
Xo's -Sharon

Items purchased by me, all opinions are my own.

Friday, May 23, 2014

MAC Alluring Aquatics Extra Dimension Eyeshadows Swatches & Reviewed

So today I just planned to walk past the MAC counter, assuring myself that nothing at all about the rest of the Alluring Aquatics collection needed to come home with me. But then I stopped. And swatched. And couldn't stop thinking about the pretty eye shadows.

For an hour I held strong.

But then I went back and bought some of them.

Because I am helpless against pretty things. They practically forced themselves onto the counter and bought themselves.

I picked up Silver Sun, Sea Worship, and Legendary Lure. I really do love the formula that MAC has in the Extra Dimension. It's just so lush and silky, and has that extra bit of oomph behind it making it just magical. I am pretty peeved that they went down in size, especially for the price, but I never hit pan on special shades, so if I do I will be surprised. I hope they make the Extra Dimension formula a permanent range item, because it's just so good! Smooth and complex. Yum.

Silver Sun
 Silver Sun is a light sea foam green with silver shot through it

Legendary Lure
 Legendary Lure is a deep, dusty teal blue. Or cerulean blue, which is an awesome word.

Sea Worship
Sea Worship is a olive green with strong golden tones

Legendary Lure, Sea Worship, Silver Sun swatched over primer

I love the shades I got, and I want to grab up Fathoms Deep and Soul Serenade if I can. Lorelie reminds me of Baked, while pretty, didn't stand out for me.

Are you getting caught up by Alluring Aquatic?

Thanks for reading!
Xo's -Sharon

Items purchased by me, opinions are my own.

Wednesday, May 21, 2014

MAC Alluring Aquatics : Lipstick Reviews & Swatches

Alluring Aquatics is the Summer 2014 collection from MAC. This collection makes you feel like you just fished it out of the ocean, and possibly you might become a mermaid if you wear it! Well, we can dream, right?

I myself am loving the lipsticks that came with this collection, I am a fan of neutrals and brights, so it was about time that I picked up some more neutral nudes. And the purple. Because, purple. I bought Pet Me, Please, Siren Song, and Goddess of the Sea

I don't think I will be throwing these boxes away. 
The color of the packaging is a beautiful turquoise, and has a texture applied on it that perfectly resembles water droplets on both the packaging it comes in, and the product packaging itself. They feel just a little rubbery, and you have more grip! The lipstick bullets ( seen below) are the prettiest lipstick bullets I own, I wish that these were a permanent sort of thing. Huggables would be nice in these! 

Siren Song, Pet Me Please, Goddess Of The Sea

Pet Me, Please
Pet Me, Please
Pet Me, Please looks like a rose gold beige on me. Frost finish. 

Goddess Of The Sea
Goddess Of The Sea
Goddess of the Sea is a browned purple on me. Cremesheen finish.

Siren Song
Siren Song
Siren Song is a pale rosey beige on my lips. Lustre finish.

Now, Pet Me, Please is a frosted nude that has a sort of duo-chrome appeal because of the frost, but honestly it looks really close to Siren Song on my lips. I had a hard time remembering which was which when photographing. But you can definitely -feel- a difference when wearing them. Siren Song was much more comfortable on, with more slip and creaminess since it is a Lustre. However, I will love them equally.

I felt that Goddess of the Sea was a little meh, honestly. Not very unique, and just too brown for me to really want to wear. Maybe for some boring dinner out or something where I have to be a bit more conservative.

These drop in store May 22, and can be found (hopefully) online at MAC's website for $17.50 a tube.

Anything catching your eye?

Thanks for reading!
Xo's -Sharon

Items purchased by me, all opinions are my own.

Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Zoya Tilda and Ling Summer Gradient

Hello everyone!

So I just started something new for myself. I have always been overweight for as long as I can remember. A week ago I decided that despite my best efforts, I needed some professional support with weight loss. I have been struggling fiercely with it, and nothing has gotten any better. So I signed myself up for Weight Watchers. Yup. And I am really excited! I have another blog where I talk about life and stuff, and will be updating that more often. The food they have is actually really tasty, surprisingly. Anyone else out there doing the WW thing? I could use support and words of wisdom!

Temperatures are hitting that 100 degree mark here in Texas, just in time for Summer collections to start hitting the shelves. Lucky us! Well, for the new pretties to look at, not so much the blazing heat.

Zoya just launched their Summer 2014 collection, Tickled, and I thought that the colors all complimented each other beautifully. So might as well use them together!

This is a gradient with Tilda (green) going into Ling (blue) . These two are a lovely combination that makes me think of cool breezes by the beach. Both are opaque cream polishes that are almost perfect in one coat, but do best in two.
Tilda is a granny apple green, and I love it so much. This is the perfect shade of green that I have been waiting for!
Ling is a bright but muted pool blue, or a clear summer sky. So pretty!

These polishes can be picked up for $9 a bottle at Zoya's website or a retailers like Ulta.

Thanks for reading!
Xo's -Sharon

Items provided for review, all opinions are my own.


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