Sunday, December 9, 2012

MAC Taste Temptations: The Lipsticks

The MAC Taste Temptations collection is made up of gorgeous hues of purples, and  when I heard the color concepts of the lipsticks I knew I wanted them. And then I saw the swatched, and I was done. My husband got me the three lipsticks for my Christmas  and he is good enough of a person to let me have them early. He really is too good to me ;)

You probably came here to see some pictures, so let them roll!
 Swatched on the back of my hand, two swiped each.

My lips without anything but a clear balm, just for reference.

Night Blooming
Night Blooming - Such a hot color! This is a bright pink that is cool  toned and leans slightly fushia.   I wore this one out with my husband on my day off with a simple eye look. It is bold and so great! This picture had a flash used, I think it showed the color truer than some of the other shots I got.

Seductive Intent
Seductive Intent - I love this purple. It is bright and fun, and makes quite the statement. Anyone can rock a bold red lip and feel smokin' hot, but it takes on a whole other level when it's purple. It leans just a tad to the pink side, but not enough to be a true magenta. I think this one is a bit brighter than the Heroine lipstick that was extremely popular, but I think this one will be just as big of a hit. No Flash.

Nocturnal Instincts

Nocturnal Instincts - A pink toned lavender lipstick that leans grey. A lot more wearable than you would think, I think people are intimidated by the fact that there is grey in it, but grey doesn't have to be scary! -After all, purples and oranges aren't typical lip colors either - yet they are worn often! I really like how it looks on the lip and it's a great twist on a neutral. Out of the three, this was the most matte lipstick. No Flash.

All three were opaque and had the typical vanilla scent that MAC is known for. They are opaque, creamy, and I really like the "Mattene" finish that all three of these share. They wear so much more comfortably than the normal matte lipsticks ( like Russian Red) and I didn't find myself wishing that I could apply some lip balm. I try to wear a lip primer under my lipsticks when I plan on going out for a while and don't want to worry about my lipstick wearing off or anything, especially with a bright color.  I used Too Faced Lip Primer with Night Blooming and between the two products I got 8 hours (despite drinking, eating, and talking all day) and still had to use a makeup removed to take it off at the end of the night.

MAC Products can be purchased at or a local MAC counter. These Mattenes were $15.00 a piece. The Taste Temptation collection is due for release in-stores on December 13th.

Thanks for reading!
xoxo -Sharon


  1. Nocturnal Instincts looks very natural on you. Very pretty! And you have nice lips =D

    1. Thank you so much! I think it's one of my favorite lipsticks :)



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