Thursday, October 31, 2013

Shiro Cosmetics : What Does The Fox Say, Butts, Nic Cage Raking Leaves on a Brisk October Afternoon

I absolutely love the stickers on the tops of the eyeshadows, Helllooooo Captain TightPants.

Yup, here I am showing you the latest of Shiro Cosmetics' Color Of The Month.... right before the next one shows up. But, you see, I have to show you this one! If I did not it would be an injustice to you on my part, and I couldn't have that on my conscience. So, here is the awesome October 2013 Color Of The Month : What Does The Fox Say? for you. And also, some previous COTM shades that are equally awesome.
What DOES the fox say?? 

What Does The Fox Say "Bright foxy orange-red with a slight metallic finish"  A rich, rusty orange that gives a gorgeous metallic sheen when foiled. This color refers to costumed foxes in the music video that swept the globe, and has my niece singing constantly. So, she really is the reason I bought the shadow in the first place :D
I just had to. A-hee-ahee ha-hee!

When foiled, it's like a whole new shadow

Butts "A smooth golden yellow-khaki with soft velvety shimmer" This color just happens to be a tribute to Malcolm Reynolds' booty. Every Firefly fan needs this color. Or, if you haven't seen a single episode.. you still need this, and then to watch it. This is a great color, that is silky and smooth to apply and blend.  I am such a sucker for taupes and khakis.

You can just tell he rakes his own leaves

Gorgeous, and makes the best eyeliner

 Nic Cage Raking Leaves on a Brisk October Afternoon "Deep, rich coffee brown-black loaded with gold and red sparkles" I love how deep this color is, and when it's foiled it turns the rich color of damp coffee grounds. If you love a rich brown, and aren't afraid of a little sparkle - try this! It makes a great alternative to black in a smokey eye, or you can do like I did and use it as a liner.

Each of the colors is spot on in description, which is greatly appreciated in the online shopping world. Each color applies beautifully and works great both dry and foiled. Each color is directly linked in the name of it, so you can click and buy it when the Color of the Month changes on us.

Did you get this month's color? Or do you have a favorite COTM from the past? I know that Caitlin ( Owner of Shiro Cosmetics) listened to the fans and brought back three from the past to keep in the permanent line, maybe she will do it again with her best sellers!

Shiro's COTM shades are $6 each and are a full sized eyeshadow. Check out other amazing products at

xoxo -Sharon

All products purchased by me, all opinions are my own.

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